The St John’s D.S.G. Parents’ Association needs your help to turn on the lights! And no, we are not talking about load shedding. The P.A.’s 2023 fundraising project is to raise enough funds to install international quality flood lights for the school’s Astro turf. They have already raised R1 million from activities in 2022, and require your support to raise a further R2 million by the end of Term 1, 2024.

Hockey is one of the strongest sports programmes that St John’s D.S.G. offers, and as a result is able to field a record number of teams each season. However, with this comes an issue of finding time for all to use the turf. Flood lights will help extend the length of practice times available to accommodate all our special teams, to make sure they all get the turf time they require to flourish.

The flood lights will also assist the school in hosting events, tournaments and provincial practices. This would cater to the needs of our girls and families, rather than them travelling over weekends to other venues.

Want to know how you can help? Well, donating is easier than switching on your generator!

We have divided the Astro turf into roughly 5,000 1m2 blocks for families, friends and corporates to sponsor.


St John’s D.S.G. Families

Each 1m2 block is R400. All you need to do is complete the donation form on the school app which will advise payment options available. All donations received (minimum donation of 1m2 block) will be acknowledged on a donors board which will be placed in the school Pavilion on completion of the project. There is also a Zapper payment option available – click on the button below to donate!



Corporates will have the option of sponsoring 25m2 sized blocks for R10 000. On completion of the project they will receive advertising space alongside the Astro turf for a period of 2 years. For Corporate sponsorship, please email finance@stjohnsdsg.com.


As we all love a bit of competition, the class (Grade RR – 12) that raises the most funds for the project will receive a pizza party!

Please note: All donations are tax deductible and a S18a certificate can be produced for tax purposes.