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The uHambo Adventure Begins!

Each year, our Grade 9 girls embark on a three-week adventure known as uHambo, which means “journey” in IsiZulu. uHambo has been running at St John’s D.S.G. since 2007 and it is compulsory for all Grade 9 pupils. They spend their three weeks walking, riding horses and cycling and carry their tents, mattresses, food and clothing, which can weigh up to 14kg, in their backpacks.

The girls are only allowed to communicate home via written letters and one phone call home.  “It’s tough, but it encourages team-building and an opportunity to just be in nature,” said Tracey Schwegmann, an organising committee member.

Our four uHambo groups departed last week. Prior to their departure, we caught up with some of the Grade 9 girls, to find out how they were feeling about their upcoming adventure. This is what they said:

“I can’t wait to experience uHambo with my friends. I just hope that we don’t come across any snakes!” Erin Gait

“I am really excited for the journey! I am looking forward to seeing the beautiful views during the day and the stars at night.” Khwezi Mgwaba

“I’m a bit nervous about spending three weeks in the bush, but I’m looking forward to making new friends.” Sophie Rhodes

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