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The Grade 5s Shop for the SPCA

Yesterday, our Grade 5s enjoyed a shopping trip to Pick n Pay! The reason for this outing was to spend their hard-earned profits, totaling R6800, from the Indaba Day earlier this term, on pet food to donate to our local S.P.C.A.  Our happy shoppers then personally hand-delivered the pet food to the S.P.C.A., where they not only learnt more about the treatment of pets but, much to their delight, got to play with some of the puppies too. Mrs Ruth Armitage, Grade 5 teacher says, “It really was a worthwhile outing, where our girls learnt more about the excellent work of the SPCA and helping others in need.”

We caught up with some of our Grade 5s and asked them what they had learnt from the exercise:

“At the SPCA, I learnt that people can be so cruel to animals and don’t even know it. And that we shouldn’t call it buying a pet. We should call it adopting a pet” Angel-Oholi

“I thought it was a worthwhile trip as I learnt not to spend to much on unnecessary things and rather help the community with that extra money.” Jeeya Haridass

“I learnt that you must always look at the prices, because if you buy 2 of one thing, and it is small, you must buy a big packet because it is cheaper.” Sarah Kurz

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