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Term 2 2016

Term 1 is now behind us and, once again, proved to be exceptionally busy with a very full program in a slightly shorter term than usual. It was, however, most rewarding to note girls participating so enthusiastically in a range of activities. In particular the swimming galas and various musical performances which demonstrated the skills and commitment of our girls, for which I am grateful. On top of this, the academic demands were taken in their stride with girls continuing to show impressive levels of creativity and diligence with their usual enthusiasm.

We have started Term 2 with a most constructive and positive Strategic Workshop which included Board members, Management and representatives of key areas in the school. I am grateful to ISASA (John Lobban and Lindsay McCay) for facilitating this workshop, and to all who took part either in the SWOT analysis or the workshop itself. We have identified a few key strategic areas and focus points, but the most encouraging aspect was the confirmation, based on key performance indicators and discussions, that we are very much on the right track. Once key strategic initiatives have been refined by various Board sub-committees, there will be communication with all stakeholders to ensure that we are all aware of decisions. With me still relatively new in my role, and Dean Tyson starting as Deputy Head this year, as well as Naomi Hardman this term as Business Manager, this is a most exciting time. Added to this, with the continued support of Petra Wiesinger and the Management team, as well as the staff and community, I am very excited about our future. We will also use the IQAA survey and process, led by HOD Diane Woodroffe, as an additional tool to feed into this strategic process, as well as a DNA branding workshop. These will all guide us in future decisions. I ask that all support these processes when approached.

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