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Term 2 2016 (JS)

The first term afforded our girls many opportunities to grow and I was especially proud of the way the little Gr RR and new girls settled in and became part of our family.

This term is already abuzz with excitement as the girls prepare for the special Grandparents’ Day show, Melting Pot. The girls will showcase the many different cultures and traditions that we can celebrate in our beautiful country.

Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day, although more commercial days on the calendar, remind us of the important role parents play in their girls lives. Four very powerful words that you can say to your daughters’ would be: “I believe in you!”

It is important to remember that as adults our duty is “to prepare the child for the path, not the path for the child”. By so doing the girls learn to manage their time, learn to deal with interpersonal relationships and grow in independence.

I look forward to a term filled with academic, sporting and musical items to enrich the girls and trust I will see you supporting and cheering on the side.

Petra Wiesinger

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