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St John’s D.S.G. Goes Viral

Last week, many of our girls and staff “danced into the long weekend” for Freedom Day to Mango Groove’s “Dance Some More”, and they became a hot topic of conversation in our country and around the world. Mrs Sarah Cole-Edwardes, our Head of Marketing, says, “We were keen to put together a fun, happy video to commemorate Freedom Day, but we did not expect to receive the reaction we did! Just over 50 000 people have watched the video, and it was shared by the SA People and Good Things Guy websites, as well as East Coast Radio. On top of this, it was also seen and shared by Mango Groove! We were truly in awe of the amazing response we received, and we were delighted to get a special video message from the lovely Claire Johnston, the lead vocalist of Mango Groove.”

Below are some of the comments we received on Facebook:

“It doesn’t matter where you live or teach in the world. This precious school with the big heart always manages to tug at your heart strings! What a beautiful video of this amazing school – my happiest years of teaching.” Candy Coombes, a past staff member of St John’s D.S.G.

“So sweet! Love the security guards & bus drivers! Sending my girls here one day.” Brittany Wilkins

Seeing this diversity makes me so proud of my country. Can we all be this happy and love each other no matter our colour?” Sherie Brijlal

“What an absolutely stunning video!! xx Well done SJS:)!!! SO proud to be an old girl!! :)” Kerry Metcalf

Well done to all our staff and girls for your awesome dance moves, especially Mr Tyson, which were a hot topic for conversation this week around our beautiful country!”

To view the video, please click here.


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