St John’s D.S.G. is an Anglican Diocesan School for girls founded by Anglican nuns in 1897. These nuns had a vision to educate girls and teach them to put God first. Although nuns are no longer involved with the girls, Christian worship, values and principles are the foundation of the school life.

Confirmation preparation, Divinity, Bible studies and the Student Christian Association enhance the Spiritual life of the school. Sunday evening Chapel services are open to all girls, their parents and visitors.

The school chaplain is Rev. Diane Pickford and is available to the girls for pastoral guidance, counselling and support.

"The Chapel"

“It is a very comforting thought to all the girls at St John’s to know that we have our own Chapel, where we can go for peace and for comfort from God at any time. We all feel the urgent necessity, at some time or another, to go somewhere where we can be completely alone, and can meditate in peace.

It would be symbolic if the Chapel were built in the very centre of the school grounds, for the whole school is centred on the Chapel, while our lives rotate around it. Even our school motto: “Laborare est Orare,” shows this: To work is to pray… I do not think we all realize how true this is, for it is only through prayer that we obtain the strength to work and also to play.

The Chapel also provides our strongest link with the Sisters, for, although they are not still at St John’s, we still keep in close contact with them, and appreciate any visits from them.

The Chapel has a beautiful, peaceful atmosphere, and, although it is built simply, great beauty lies in the simplicity.

Girls will continue to work and to pray at St John’s for many years yet, and I am sure they will all appreciate as much as we do now, the great part the Chapel plays in our life.”

Evelyn Gray, 1956