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Cultural Wedding Day

On Thursday, 16 March, our Grade 5 girls celebrated their annual “Cultural Wedding Day”.

The girls learn how to conduct research and gather information from various sources in their Grade 5 year, and the focus of their first research project is “A Wedding Day”. The girls are tasked with finding out about a wedding day (this year, most of the girls chose their parents’ or grandparents’ wedding day) and interviewing a number of sources to find out information, such as where / how the couple met, whether there were any customs or traditions the couple had to follow for their wedding and what they wore on their wedding day. The girls have to submit a written project, and they must also do an oral in front of the class.

This project culminates in “Cultural Wedding Day”, where the girls are invited to wear beautiful wedding dresses, stylish wedding guest outfits or smart suits (the girls are welcome to dress up as grooms too!) The girls really look forward to the “Cultural Wedding Day” project and event each year (so much so, that it has been a project every year for the past 8 years and Mrs Ruth Armitage, our Grade 5 teacher, said she had girls on the very first day of school asking when “Cultural Wedding Day” would take place!)

This year, the girls and their parents had a “reception” tea on the Chapel Lawn, and everyone was treated to delicious eats. The Grade 5 parents decorated the “reception tables” beautifully to represent the variety of cultures that the girls had researched. It was a very special morning, and the girls (and their parents) thoroughly enjoyed it!

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