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Our Grade 3s visit Butterflies for Africa

Last week, our Grade 3s, together with Mrs Trish Beetar and Ms Makhosi Mlangeni, enjoyed a fascinating and educational morning at Butterflies for Africa. The girls kicked off the morning by watching a video about the metamorphosis process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, and learnt about how butterflies can protect themselves from predators, as a result of the various colours and patterns they have on their wings. The girls then had to figure their way out of a maze into a lovely garden, in which they spotted various insects and butterflies. Following this, they enjoyed a guided tour around the butterfly enclosure, where they were able to see caterpillars, cocoons and a variety of beautiful butterflies. It was a wonderful morning, and it culminated in the girls having a few minutes to browse for some beautiful butterfly themed items in the Butterflies for Africa shop.

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