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Our Grade 2 Grannies 💛

The strangest thing happened this morning: some 100 year-old grannies wandered into the Grade 2 classroom. 

We tried to ask them why they were there, but they couldn’t quite hear us (over all the giggling.) All we could ascertain was that despite being very old, they were also VERY sharp. Why? Because over the year they have learnt lots of new things and are officially “100 days smarter” according to their teacher, Mrs Stretch, or Great-Granny Stretch as she was today! 

The grannies took part in lots of fun activities to mark this special occasion and in between, sipped tea, knitted, waited for the playground bus and of course, admired the beautiful St John’s D.S.G. gardens ?


(P.S. Masks were taken off for the purpose of capturing these photos.)

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