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Our Grade 1s have a new best friend!

We usually only offer boarding for pupils in Grade 4 and upwards, however our Junior School Headmistress, Miss Wiesinger, has made a very special exception for our newest member of the Grade 1 class: an adorable little bear, made with love (and lots of excitement!) by our girls at Toy Kingdom South Africa, Liberty Midlands Mall this morning.

The bear, who the girls have named Caramel, will be boarding weekly at St John’s D.S.G. in the Grade 1 classroom (Mrs Freese assures us that she has adequate facilities for this.) Every Friday, Caramel will be going home with a different Grade 1 girl for a weekend of fun.

At the end of each stay, our girls will have a chance to help Caramel practise her writing, vocabulary and spelling skills when she updates her diary with her latest news. We can’t wait to see what adventures Caramel gets up to with her new best friends this year!

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