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Nikki Bush Visits St John’s D.S.G.

This week, we were thrilled to host renowned author, speaker and creative parenting expert, Nikki Bush. Nikki gave two talks in the St John’s D.S.G. Theatre on Thursday, 24 August. The first was entitled, “Let Go and Let Grow”. Nikki mentioned that sometimes, as parents, we feel out of control, and when we feel this way, our response is to go into hyper-control, resulting in “helicopter” & “lawnmower” parenting. Nikki reminded the audience of the fact that the ultimate goal of parenting is to let our children go – even into this crazy, “warp-speed” world, and that independence will be our children’s ultimate request from us.

Nikki’s second talk was entitled, “Tech-Savvy Parenting”, and it focused on how to make sense of the digital world that many of our children are so attracted to. Nikki said that for families to remain connected today, parents need to bridge the digital divide to their children.

This talk, peppered with personal anecdotes, provided the audience with insight and practical parenting guidelines for a plug-and-play world, from passive entertainment of the television to the interactive nature of gaming and Internet-linked computers, to the realm of social networking – often accessed via a smartphone.

This morning, Nikki held a workshop with our Grade 5-8 girls, and then had a staff development workshop for our staff this afternoon. We were very pleased to have Nikki sharing her insight and wisdom with us. Thank you to everyone who attended her talks on Thursday, and to our wonderful Kitchen staff for the delicious tea.

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