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Mr Sumo’s Tree

About 10 years ago one of our drivers, Mr Sumo, took a little seed from a dying flower on one of our trees. He asked our Transport Manager, Mr Payne, if he thought that this little seed could grow. Mr Payne said that it could – but only with lots of love and care and the right conditions.
The next day Mr Payne bought some potting soil and a little flower pot and every day Mr Sumo watered his little seed, hoping it would germinate.
The above picture shows Mr Sumo standing in front of his tree now – and how fitting it is that during Arbor Week and the very first week of Spring, it is in full bloom with its fiery, orange flowers! Perhaps this little story poses a question to us all: what are we planting today that will grow into something beautiful in the future? ? #Thursdaythoughts #ArborWeek


  1. Kim Tyrer Sep 5, 2019

    One of my favourite trees & 2 of my favorite people- Ross & Muse!!

  2. Dumisani Sumo Sep 14, 2019

    This reminds me of our grand parents who were always planting crops when we were young ,well done.


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