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Matric Art Exhibition

“Wow!” We heard this word over and over again at our Matric Art Exhibition on Monday night as family and friends viewed the Matric girls’ work for the very first time.

The exhibition forms part of the Matric requirements for Visual Arts. Students learn to exhibit and put together a body of work to display to a wider audience, i.e. friends, family and staff. The theme for this year’s Matric Visual Arts class was “Outside the Centre” and it was thought-provoking to see the different interpretations of this theme by each of our girls.

Congratulations to all our Visual Arts Matric girls on a phenomenal exhibition! From concept to execution, we were thoroughly impressed by the beautiful, and moving, art pieces. Thank you to Ms Beattie, who always inspires and empowers our girls to create such masterpieces; to our Kitchen staff who provided the most delicious food, as always and to our Estate staff who assisted in setting up.

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