Eaglets: Grade RR - R

The Grade RR and R (affectionately known as the “Eaglets”), participate in a Psychomotor programme which is incorporated into the class curriculum. Psychomotor is an Educational Programme that links, through play, the emotional and social development of the young child with its sensory motor development.

Art is a much enjoyed subject at St John’s D.S.G. and the Eaglets thoroughly enjoy experimenting with their creativity. In Grade RR and R, art is included in the class curriculum as are Drama lessons. Throughout the year all the Junior School girls have the opportunity to be involved in various class assemblies which allow them to use the skills they have learnt during class in front of an audience. Both girls and parents thoroughly enjoy these assemblies. The Eaglets are also involved in the annual nativity play – a highlight of the Junior School’s calendar.

Class music is offered to Grade RR and R which is also included in the class curriculum. IsiZulu is offered at conversational level in Grade R.

Grade RR is very much centred around learning through play, whereas Grade R start their “school readiness programme” in preparation for Grade 1.

In Grade RR and R, sport is a vital extra-curricular component, with the Eaglets enjoying “Buddy Sport” where the emphasis is on the acquisition of basic skills and group participation. Buddy Sport consists of Swimming in Terms 1 and 4 and Ball Sports in Terms 2 and 3.

As St John’s D.S.G. is a small school, our focus is on the involvement and participation of the girls rather than winning at all costs, however results show that we do excel and achieve in a great number of sporting activities. The school also offers specialist swimming and tennis coaching and ballet lessons privately, if girls want to add extension lessons onto the sporting programme that the school already offers.

At St John’s D.S.G., Christian worship, values and principles are the foundation of the school life. The Eaglets attend a weekly, age-appropriate, chapel service with the school chaplain, Rev. Diane Pickford.

In keeping with our ethos of caring for others, we believe that girls should become involved from a young age in various charitable organisations. The Junior School partakes in various recycling initiatives and fundraising events through Civvies Days, and the money raised from these events is donated to many charities around our city. This enables the girls to learn about self-sacrifice and the satisfaction of “doing good” for the benefit of others, as well as caring for our environment.

The school provides a complimentary after-school care programme between 12h15 – 17h00 from Monday to Friday. Those staying for Aftercare will have lunch, rest and play, all under teacher supervision, until 14h00. From 14h00 – 17h00, girls will join the main Junior School Aftercare programme.


As St John’s D.S.G. is a small school, with only one class per grade in our Junior School and three per grade in our Senior School, we encourage you to apply early.