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Interview with Director, Lilu Woods

Lilu Woods, one of our Matric pupils, is directing “Tshepang”, a short play based on the harrowing true story of baby Tshepang. We chatted with Lilu to find out why she felt it was important to tell this story. This is what she said:

“I regard theatre… as the most immediate way in which a person can share with another, the sense of what it is to be human” Oscar Wilde

I am an aspiring director, playwright and actor. Since the age of thirteen, in my first lead role in a school production, I have known that the theatrical world would become an intertwined with my identity. My dream is to provide stories that reveal this raw honesty of ‘what it is to be human’, which I hope to capture in this play of courage and truth.

Simon and Ruth, imprisoned in this town of shame, where ‘nothing ever happens’, tells a truthful account about the hope within the darkness.

Tshepang is inspired by the true story of baby Tshepang, who was raped at the age of nine months in 2001. The play is set three years after the event and follows the life of the mother of Tshepang, Ruth. The play is narrated by the friend of Ruth, Simon.

This raw and uncensored reality check provides an opportunity to assess the untold stories of our country, the echoes of Apartheid and the hope of a future. 

I could not ask for a better cast. These two experienced actresses, Alinaswe Lusengo as Ruth and Caroline Nyasulu as Simon, have successfully drawn the tightrope between humour and horror. They bring a maturity and depth way beyond their teenage years to a challenging subject matter. Gracefully and unashamedly, they dip into the pools of the imagination and subconscious that floods the stage in a world of dynamic colour. A world were we encouraged to assess our role in humanity.”

Tickets for the production are R80 each. To book yours, please contact Mrs Kruger on 033 386 8304 or email

10% of all proceeds will be donated to P.O.W.A.

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