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This month’s Heart-to-Heart is with Old Girl, Pippa Nipper (nĂ©e Taylor, Class of 2006), an extremely passionate and supportive Old Girl, devoted mom of two girls, loving wife and dedicated teacher. Teaching Grade 4 at St Charles College definitely keeps Pippa on her toes and she loves the fun and excitement that comes with teaching boys – she finds their energy infectious!


After studying for her honours degree in Criminology and Psychology, Pippa attained some valuable experience in this field. However, following a short stint in the UK, Pippa changed her career path after realising that her passion and interest was in teaching. She had the privilege of being a member of staff at St John’s D.S.G., where she worked alongside the teachers who she had looked up to for so many years as a pupil. 


What did you love most about St John’s D.S.G.? 

Where do I start? This small school with big heart means so much to me. The way in which every single person at the school is embraced as an individual and celebrated for their individuality and their importance is what I love the most. My school friends are still my best friends and have stood by me through thick and thin. This is all I wish for my girls one day. 


What does success mean to you and how did St John’s D.S.G. equip you for life after school? Success for me is to know that someone has breathed easier because of you, this is to have succeeded. St John’s D.S.G. helped me to breathe easier. 


What advice do you have for our current girls and their families? 

In the wise and great words of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Embrace all the opportunities that you have at St John’s D.S.G. and stand strong in your beliefs.

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  1. Darelene Mar 31, 2021

    Absolutely love this Pips!!!! You are a phenomenal women dear friend!


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