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Currently in her final year BSc Actuarial and Financial Mathematics at the University of Pretoria, St John’s D.S.G. Old Girl, Ntando Dube (Class of 2020) has less than 12 weeks of undergraduate left. From a professional perspective, Ntando was recently selected as one of three Investment Banking interns for the 2023 Winter Investment Banking Internship at Bank of America, which she has just completed.

What is your favourite memory from your time at school?

I don’t have a single favourite senior school memory but rather a bank of fond memories all revolving around uHambo. The most notable has to be when we lost our way to our next destination and decided to take a “quick” break so as to come up with a plan of action, only to find out – from the distant smell of fire – that we were on a mountain that had been set alight for a firebreak. To most, this may seem an odd fond memory to have, but there’s something about frantically sliding and rolling down a mountain to escape a firebreak (or a “Mission: Impossible” level near-death experience, as Sli would say) that brings people together. This shared experience fostered a new sense of unity and shared camaraderie and, in the end, proved to be a catalyst for new relationships, memories, and friendships that lasted beyond the journey called uHambo.

What do you think makes St John’s D.S.G. the special school that it is today?

The list is extensive but to sum it up, what makes St John’s D.S.G. special is its commitment to empowering its students and fostering within them a strong sense of purpose that extends beyond their time at school. The emphasis placed on social responsibility and values such as integrity and empathy during my time there have shaped me into who I am today – a young lady who wakes up every morning and asks herself life’s most “urgent and persistent” question, which is, “What are you doing to help those who don’t have access to the same or similar opportunities that you had growing up?” – hence my library initiative, Libraries4Learning.

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