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Having just started her 1st year at Stellenbosch University, studying towards a BCom in Mathematical Science, Old Girl Mia Chetty (Class of 2020) is loving the university experience so far, despite it being slightly different due to Covid Regulations. The adjustment from being at home and school is huge but she is enjoying the challenges that come with her degree as well as being able to explore Stellenbosch in her free time.

Mia enjoyed relaxing for most of December and being able to spend some quality time with family and friends before heading off to start her university life. When Mia puts her mind to something, she likes to make sure she achieves what she sets out to do and always does it to the best of her ability.

What did you love most about St John’s D.S.G?

I honestly have no idea where to begin! There is so much that I love about St John’s D.S.G., but I think the thing I love most would have to be the girls and the family that comes with being a St John’s girl. The constant love and support that I experienced during my time at school, all the friendships made and lifelong memories shared would not have been possible without them. For me, it is truly the girls that form the school’s ‘Big Heart.’

What does success mean to you and how did St John’s D.S.G. equip you for life after school?

Success to me means being brave enough to just try something new. I believe that in just trying something you are completing the biggest step in your path to success. St John’s D.S.G. created the safe space where I was able to try things without the fear of making a mistake or being judged for it.

What advice do you have for our current girls and their families?

My advice would be to never stop learning; always start each day with the mindset of going out and seeking knowledge of any form, because the moment we stop learning is the moment we stop growing. Be interested and be present and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you learn something new. Most importantly, never be afraid to share what you learn with others, pass on your newfound knowledge and help someone else in their journey of growth.

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