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This month’s Heart-to-Heart is with Old Girl Lucy Kewley (nee Pilcher, Class of 1994), a caring and devoted wife and mom of two. With her son boarding at Kearsney College and her daughter at St John’s D.S.G., Lucy enjoys spending time at her small Pilates Studio in Ballito, on the beautiful North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, where she works with some really inspiration people.

Lucy met her husband Steven in her Matric year at St John’s D.S.G. She then went on to study Food and Nutrition at Stellenbosch University (thanks to the influence from Mrs Westwood.) After spending a bit of time in the Food Industry in Durban, Lucy and Steven decided to make the move to the UK to travel and work. While there, they had their two children, James, currently in Grade 11 and Mary, currently in Grade 9. When Mary was 4 months old, the Kewley family decided to return to South Africa and settled on the North Coast.

Lucy has recently been appointed as the new Chairlady of the St John’s D.S.G. Old Girl’s Association. Her creative, confident and open-minded approach to life will be a huge asset to our Association and we are looking forward to working with Lucy. It was an absolute pleasure to catch up with this inspiring lady for this month’s Heart-to-Heart.

What did you love most about St John’s D.S.G?

I loved being a boarder! We were always having fun! Being a small school, I loved that I was able to be myself as an individual. I made the most amazing friends (from all grades) and many of us are still friends today. I loved the fact that we all felt so grateful and fortunate to be at such an amazing school.

What does success mean to you and how did St John’s D.S.G equip you for life after school?

Success is about being confident in who you are. It’s about surrounding yourself with people who love you because of your personality. St John’s D.S.G. allowed me to explore my surroundings safely with friends and teachers who celebrated achievements but kept us grounded at the same time.

What advice do you have for our current girls and their families? 

Be grateful that you have the opportunity to be at such an amazing school. Make as many friends as you can. These girls will be your forever friends. Take advantage of all the opportunities St John’s D.S.G. offers you. Try something new, give someone your time – it’s free and it might turn out to be the best investment you make. Not every day will be easy, some days will be jolly hard, but always know that tomorrow is another day, another opportunity to be the best version of YOU!

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