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Having specilised in Debt Counselling, St John’s D.S.G. Old Girl, Elizabeth Bassage, Class of 2000, runs her own Law Firm, EMB Attorneys. She has dedicated the last eight years to focusing on her business and is now proud to have a growing para-legal team.

After school, Lilla studied her Bachelor of Social Sciences Degree at Rhodes University and then went on to obtain her LLB Degree via UNISA whilst working in London as an au-pair. During this time, she enjoyed exploring and travelling Europe. She returned to Pietermaritzburg in 2008, to complete her Legal Articles at a Local Law Firm, J. Leslie Smith & Co, before embarking on her solo practice in 2014.

When not working, Lilla spends time with her family, friends and Terri, her very spoilt basset hound. It was so lovely to chat up with Lilla for this month’s Heart-to-Heart.

What did you love most about St John’s D.S.G?

I loved the sisterhood element of St John’s D.S.G. and the small class size which fostered special friendships that have lasted well over 27 years. I truly treasure my St John’s D.S.G. friends the most, as old friend really do make the best of friends! I can’t wait for our 22nd year reunion this May.

What does success mean to you and how did St John’s D.S.G. equip you for life after school?

Success to me means living life authentically and unafraid, whilst adding value to whatever environment you find yourself in. I think St John’s D.S.G. definitely prepared me to stay true to myself (solid foundation) and to give of my best when times are good or bad.

What advice do you have for our current girls and their families?

Enjoy your school years as they really do fly by so fast and before you know it those care-free days of your teenage years are well and truly done. In other words: Be fully present in the season you find yourself in, versus wishing them away!

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