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Half-term to Parents (JS)

Dear Parents

The Junior School Staff have returned re-energized after attending the Proudly Primary, “Down to Earth” Conference at Cowan House from 5 – 6 August 2016.

For the first time this term we introduced soccer as a part of our extra-curriculum programme. This has been received very positively.

My gratitude to all our music teachers involved in preparing the girls for their individual, as well as, the choral items for the Music Eisteddfod. Our girls can be extremely proud of their performances and achievements. The parents who were fortunate enough to join our choir morning at St John’s yesterday would, I am sure, join me in congratulating the girls and teachers on their performances!

Mr Moore, in his June newsletter touched on the topic of boundaries. I would like to emphasise and raise some related points: Appropriate behaviour for children or adults – what do you feel this is? And does it differ depending on circumstances or events whether at home, school or when one is out and about. What one family might deem appropriate might not be as you see it.

This seems to be the dilemma I find myself in at the moment. As an example, on Saturday 13 August 2016, we waited for girls to catch the bus to take us to our sporting fixtures. Eventually we left 15 minutes late, as some girls arrived late and others never arrived at all! This had repercussions – we arrived late for the fixture, which was a tournament, and the whole day was delayed because of our late arrival. The respective teams and coaches were then put under pressure to play with less players and the game plan could not be carried out. When the fixtures were over, children who we booked to come home on the bus, no longer required the bus. This meant that we travelled with an extra bus that was not needed. This is not the first time this has occurred.

The confidence with which our girls speak to adults astounds me. However, do they always understand what is appropriate? It is important that they interact with adults in a respectful manner, and not as though they are engaging with their peers. The respect should spill out onto the sports field. The girls seem to think they can tell the coaches what to do, rather than listen to instructions. By no means am I saying that we should take the fun out of sport and life but I do expect our St John’s girls to listen and follow instructions given to them by the adults and be able to wait their turn.

Eating correctly and ensuring that we keep our energy levels up is important, but it seems that food at times, takes preference causing a distraction at our sport fixtures and the focus on the game is lost.

Boundaries and balance is what I am requesting. I expect our girls to know that one speaks to adults in a respectful manner. An adult has the authority, not in an intimidating way, but because they have the responsibility to make decisions. The other challenge is, that home and school set boundaries that are based on similar values equipping our girls with a freedom to be a part of a happy extended community.

Staffing news: We bade farewell to Mrs Linda Nicolin, Assistant Catering Manager, at the end of July. We thank her for her caring manner towards our girls and for the many hours preparing for delicious meals, teas and functions. We wish her well in her future endeavours.

Mrs Gill Ducasse will be leaving us at the end of this year. She has been a permanent staff member and teacher at St John’s for the past 24 years. We will miss her loyalty, creativity and calm manner with which she has taught the girls. Mrs Ducasse will be joining her husband, who is handing over the baton as Head of Hilton College at the end of the year, in his “retirement”. Mrs Ducasse will be celebrating a special birthday on the Monday of half term, we wish her a happy day and God’s richest blessings for the year ahead.

Our condolences go to our Catering Staff namely Mbuyiselwa (Big Boy), Thandokwakhe (Joe) and Mbuzeni (Welcome) Mkhize on the loss of their mother, aunt and Mbuyiselwa’s daughter. Please keep them in your prayers at this sad time.

A reminder that the girls may wear winter or summer uniform after the half term break.

I wish you and your daughter’s a happy and relaxing half term. May you have time to catch your breath and smell the flowers.

Yours sincerely

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