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Grade 5 Indaba Day

After many weeks of hard work and preparation, our Grade 5 girls hosted an Indaba Day market on Thursday, 3 August. This event takes place every year, and the girls use their skills, talents and creativity to handcraft beautiful items to sell, make eye-catching signs to draw customers to their stalls and make innovative packaging in which to hold their products.

This year, the Grade 5s sold a range of items, from popcorn, fudge and brownies, to handcrafted items such as candle holders, bracelets and keyrings. Mrs Ruth Armitage, says, “The purpose of Indaba Day was to teach the girls how to work together in a team, foster a sense of independence and to, hopefully, remind them that giviin is often better than receiving. All proceeds from the market will be used to purchase food and blankets for the S.P.C.A.”

Well done to the Grade 5 girls on a very successful day!

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