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FUNK 2017

Twelve of our Senior School girls performed an incredibly moving piece at FUNK 2017 this week.

FUNK is an inter-schools’ dance programme with the aim of uniting schools in working towards a common goal and giving Dramatic Arts students and their teachers the opportunity to create and rehearse pieces of dance theatre for public performance.

Mrs Keevy-Muir explains the concept behind our girls’ powerful piece, “Our piece for FUNK 2017 was entitled “Home” and the inspiration behind it was the refugee and humanitarian crisis that is currently transpiring all over the globe. It began with the cast performing normal, everyday activities. Then, the mood altered as a disaster occurred in the city where all these people live, and one of the characters had to try and convince all the others to leave their homes, get on a boat and find a new place to live. Although it started off as a quirky piece of movement/ physical theatre, it transformed into a serious piece of contemporary dance, with a message.”

Kate Duff (Grade 10) said, “This was my first FUNK performance, and I really enjoyed it. I loved this year’s concept, because I feel that it is an important message which needs to be heard.”

Congratulations to our girls, as well as the performers from the other schools, who took part in FUNK 2017.


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