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Disability and Acceptance πŸ’›

This week, as part of their weekly Social Justice conversations, our Junior School girls discussed the topic of “Disability and Acceptance.”

They learnt about people-first language (PFL) which puts a person before a diagnosis and describes what a person “has” rather than asserting what a person “is.” Many were also amazed to discover that the teacher leading them in these discussions, Miss Duckworth, wears hearing aids – something they have nevernoticed before!

Miss Duckworth says she was so impressed by the kindness and maturity that our girls (even the Grade Rs!) showed during these discussions. A few of the older girls also asked Miss Duckworth if they could please brush up on the sign language alphabet, which Miss Duckworth taught them last year.

All in all, this week’s topic was an important reminder: to always show empathy and respect. The world can never have too much kindness! πŸ’›

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