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Amabagibagi Market Day

The Junior School was abuzz with excitement at this year’s Grade 6 Amabagibagi Market Day. Held in Senior Primary Quad, the Grade 6 girls got together in groups to create market stalls for their Junior School customers and teachers, which followed an appropriate business plan, as well as guidance from a market research survey which was done prior to the Market Day.

The Amabagibagi Market Day isn’t all just about fun though; it encompasses a number of subject areas, and is essentially an introduction to entrepreneurship and managing a small business, (around an African theme.)

The money is carefully managed after all debts and levies have been repaid, and a percentage of their profits are donated to a children-centred charity. Any remaining profit is split equally between all business partners. Congratulations to the Grade 6s on a brilliant Market Day. The Junior School girls really did “shop until they dropped!”

We asked some of the girls about how they enjoyed the day and Aryana Raghnandan, Grade RR answered, “Mmm, these ice-lollies taste so yummy, they are my best part of the market”. Grade 6s Tyla-Brook Reece and Amahle Mtungwa, from the African Beauty Stall said, “We’ve really enjoyed working together and its taught us that if we work together, its more beneficial”

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