All fees are billed and payable by debit order monthly in arrears over TEN months from January to October. Those not able to pay by debit order are required to pay their fees monthly in advance.

Extras are to be paid within 30 days of the date of statement. A debit order instruction form and further information about this facility shall be sent to all parents at the start of the fourth term.

2019 Day Scholar Fees Per Pupil

Grade Fee Sundry Levy* Development Levy Total Fees
RR R31 619 R2 000 R3 000 R36 619
R R37 637 R2 000 R3 000 R42 637
1 – 2 R56 517 R6 113 R3 500 R66 131
3 R67 239 R6 113 R3 500 R76 852
4 R73 744 R6 113 R3 500 R83 358
5 – 6 R81 031 R6 113 R3 500 R90 644
7 R91 977 R7 487 R3 500 R102 965
8 – 12 R100 987 R7 487 R3 500 R111 974

Please Note: Aftercare is available in the Junior School, at no charge, daily during the term until 17h00 (thereafter R50/15 minutes).

2019 Boarder Fees Per Pupil

Grade Tuition Fee Boarding Fee Sundry Levy* Development Levy Total Fees
4 R73 744 R84 106 R6 113 R3 500 R167 463
5 – 6 R81 031 R84 106 R6 113 R3 500 R174 750
7 R91 977 R84 106 R7 487 R3 500 R187 070
8 – 12 R100 987 R90 654 R7 487 R3 500 R202 628

* Sundry Levy includes the use of textbooks (excluding German textbooks), a R600 printing levy, compulsory school and sport outings (including transport), academic support in the Junior School, awards, compulsory scholar accident insurance and a reasonable percentage of academic tour costs.

  • Extra-mural activities such as private music lessons, private coaching, dancing, horse-riding and extra English and Afrikaans lessons
  • German textbooks, workbooks and photocopy charges
  • Class and Sports photographs
  • Printing / photocopying costs over and above the printing allowance
  • Purchases from the school shop, Uniformity
  • Special clothing with regard to team selection
  • Non-academic tour costs and balance of academic tour costs not covered by the sundry levy
  • Parents’ Association levy: R150 per term
  • IEB accommodations
  • Club charges
  • Doctor visits / medication
  • Private transport for boarders
  • Matric Dance/ Formal Dinners
  • uHambo (Grade 9 only)
  • Matric IEB Senior Certificate exam cost (Grade 12 only): R6 650

Where two or more sisters attend the school at the same time, there is a rebate of 10% of the tuition fee for the second and any subsequent sister, provided that these children do not receive any other form of fee discount or financial assistance.

Parents who pay the annual fees in full via EFT before 31 December, 2018 will be entitled to a 4.5% early settlement discount on tuition fees, boarding fees and the sundry levy.

Please note that this discount will not apply in full to settlements by credit card as the additional bank charges incurred will be deducted from the discounted amount. For more information about these charges please email finance@stjohnsdsg.com. Cheques and forex payments take longer to clear, therefore please provide for a delay of five working days to avoid disappointment as cut-off dates will be strictly adhered to. Payments made in advance will only reflect on your January 2019 account statement.

Parents are charged R150 per family per term, with a termly draw held at a P.A. social event. Should you not wish to participate, please email  finance@stjohnsdsg.com by no later than 31 January, 2019 otherwise you will only be removed with effect from the following term.

An annual fee of R2 000 per pupil is payable in January of each year by all pupils residing outside South Africa’s borders. This fee is to cover additional administration costs associated with the payment of their fees, and shall be waived if parents take advantage of the early settlement discount and pay for the full year in advance.

Rigid Exchange Control regulations promulgated in 2004 necessitate the payment of a non-resident’s refundable deposit equal to one term’s tuition and boarding fees for the current year. Any non-resident who does not comply with this condition will be levied a fee of R350 per month until the account complies with law. This deposit must be paid in advance to the school before a pupil who is resident of a country outside of the borders of South Africa may be admitted to the school and does not apply to parents who take advantage of the early settlement discount and pay for the full year in advance.

This is refundable on your daughter’s completion of her Matric year.

The school provides transport for regular users every school day to and from Athlone, Hilton and Howick, and weekly from Nottingham Road, Winston Park and Westville (Monday morning and Friday afternoon). Click here to view our Transport page for more information or email finance@stjohnsdsg.com. Terms and conditions apply.

Lunch is available for day scholars at R850 per term or R24 per meal.

All extra-curricular activities (except for private school music lessons) are charged by the teacher or establishment concerned. Please contact finance@stjohnsdsg.com for more information.

A full term’s notice, in writing, or one term’s fees in lieu of notice, is required before withdrawal of a pupil from school / boarding, or participation in private music or extra subjects.


uHambo is a very successful three-week leadership experience in the Drakensberg and surrounding area for Grade 9 pupils at St John’s D.S.G. The 2019 cost for this is R6 500 for day scholars, and R6 000 for boarders, and is added to fees and payable over TEN months from January to October.

Grade RR – Grade 8: A non-refundable fee of R600 should accompany the application form. Grade 9 – Grade 11: Following the submission of an application, a non-refundable fee of R600 shall be requested if the prospective pupil is invited to write the entrance exam.

On receipt of the Application for Admission Form, an interview with the Principal and an entrance test/assessment will be conducted, after which the pupil may be offered a place at St John’s D.S.G. In confirmation of acceptance of the place offered, the following enrolment fees are payable (effective 1 January 2019):

Grade RR – Grade 7: a fee of R4 000 is payable for Day Scholars and a fee of R6 000 for Boarders. Grade 8 – Grade 12: a fee equal to one month’s tuition is payable for Day Scholars (2019: R10 099) and a fee equal to one month’s tuition and boarding (2019: R19 164) is payable for Boarders. This amount is non-refundable and not set off against fees.

The Board of Governors reserves the right to increase fees with prior notice.