Has your daughter attended school/s in a country other than South Africa?
If so, please specify which years and grades:
Has your daughter undergone any educational assessments (by a psychologist, occupational therapist,
remedial teachers, etc.) in her school career? 4
Is your daughter an immigrant? 5
E‐mail is our preferred method of communication. All correspondence should be e‐mailed to:

Details of Person/Name of Trust/Company/CC. etc. responsible for payment of fees:

Do you have any relatives who attended St John’s D.S.G. in the past?

Where did you hear about St John’s D.S.G.?

Where did you hear about St John’s D.S.G.?
WebsitePast/Present PupilsExhibition/ExpoSocial MediaAdvertisementWord of MouthFriendsOther

I/We hereby consent to St John’s D.S.G. obtaining and utilizing information from any source in order to make a credit assessment or for any other purpose which is in its sole discretion, may deem necessary, to the extent required or permitted by law.

Both Parents/Guardians to please sign this form. Draw your signature in relevant box below with your mouse, tablet or smartphone.

1. Please upload your birth certificate.
2. St John’s D.S.G. is an Anglican School. Scholars of all established religions are, however, welcomed at the school, though they are required to attend all religious services and lessons.
3. If self‐employed, please provide details/type of business.
4. Please provide copies of assessments with your application.
5. Please attach a copy of residents permit, study permit and date stamp on passport page for entry into South Africa.
6. Please attach a copy of ID if not parent/guardian listed above.