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A Special Year for Mrs Govender

Many of our parents will recognize the friendly face of Mrs Tessa Govender (pictured here with Miss Nicole Louw and Mr Joshua Boudan), who is one of our itinerant Music teachers at St John’s D.S.G. This year is a very special one for Mrs Govender: not only will she celebrate her 70th birthday on Sunday, 13 August, she also celebrates her 50th year of teaching and her 25th year of teaching Music at St John’s D.S.G.

Ms Carika de Swardt, our Head of Music, says, “Mrs Govender is a fantastic teacher who has inspired generations of musicians (she is teaching the children of some of her past pupils!) Her calm manner and unparalleled experience sets her apart as a mentor, teacher and friend. We adore her!”

On behalf of everyone at St John’s D.S.G., we would like to wish Mrs Govender a very happy birthday and say a heartfelt ” thank you” to her for all that she does, and has done, at St John’s D.S.G.

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