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A Special Visit from our Local Heroes

The home of one of our St John’s D.S.G. girls, Erin van Rooyen, burnt down two years ago. At the time, Erin and her family were incredibly grateful to the firemen, who not only managed to contain the fire, but also ran into the burning house multiple times to retrieve their sentimental belongings.

Last night, through a connection, it was organised that some firemen would make a quick stop during their shift to the van Rooyens’ home to receive the letters that our Junior School girls wrote to thank these heroes for all the hours they spent fighting the landfill site fire last week.

Lo and behold, the fire fighters who arrived at the van Rooyens’ home turned out to be the very same ones who had shown such thought and care two years ago when they put out the blaze at the family’s home.

These men truly are heroes, and we are so grateful to them for all they do in, and for, our community. This morning, we were incredibly touched when we received a photo from the firemen of the girls’ cards pinned up on the board at the fire station.

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