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An Incredible Opportunity

Last year, Mrs Brenda Sara, our Head of Life Orientation, organised a “World of Work Day”, to expose our girls to different career opportunities. One of the talks absolutely captivated Gabriella Chantler (who is now in Matric); it was a talk by Kester Vickery, who spoke about wildlife and conservation, as well as the relocation of animals in Game Reserves in Africa.

In fact, Gabriella was so moved by Mr Vickery’s talk that she e-mailed him afterwards, expressing an interest in doing work experience with him, if it would ever be possible. Much to their delight, Gabriella and Mrs Sara were unexpectedly invited to take part in a game capture and relocation of a black rhino and 2 bull elephants, on Monday, 6 March and Tuesday, 7 March.

Gabriella’s mother, Mrs Nicola Chantler, says, “For Gabby, it was the fulfilment of a dream, an incredible opportunity and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To meet people with a passion for conservation and wildlife, and to be part of a team that included, encouraged and inspired her, was incredible. There are so many people to thank (Gabby is going to be busy with that for a while!) We are very grateful to St John’s D.S.G., all the teachers and especially Mrs Sara for making it possible, and providing all the girls with amazing opportunities.”

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