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A Mystery Note

Speculation was rife in the Grade 7 classroom after Emma Stielau was surprised with a mystery note last week. The Grade 7s were handed their new set books (entitled Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse) by their English teacher, Mrs Lucy Usher. When Emma flipped through the pages of her book, a tiny note fell onto her lap.

Emma was most excited when she read the note which, she says, “made her day!” It reads: “Hi. Whoever is reading this cool book: have an awesome day! P.S. Leave this [note] here.”

The Grade 7s are now wondering about who could have written this heartwarming little note, and whether this girl is still at St John’s D.S.G. We would love to know too!

If you have any information that would help our girls to solve this mystery, please go to Mrs Usher. We would love to find out who was thoughtful enough to put a smile on the face of not just one girl, but the entire class!

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