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St John’s D.S.G. is delighted to announce their exceptional Matric results. Congratulations to the Class of 2017 Matriculants, and their teachers, for achieving the best ever results in the school’s 120-year history! Not only did a record number of girls achieve Bachelor Degree passes, the Class of 2017 also achieved the highest number of distinctions (Level 7 passes – over 80%) and Level 6 (over 70%) passes ever.

The 2017 Matriculants have achieved the following:

100% pass rate.
69 candidates entered the I.E.B. examinations (the highest number of candidates in the school’s history).
68 NSC passes with entry to Bachelor Degree Studies. This is a 98.6% exemption rate.
1 NSC pass with entry to Diploma Studies.
181 Level 7 subject symbols (80% or more). This is 36.9% of the total symbols – an increase of almost 3% in comparison to last year’s results.
150 Level 6 subject symbols (70-79%). 67.4% of all symbols were 70% or higher. This is a 1.4% increase compared to 2016.
With a total of 331 Level 6 and 7 subject symbols, this equates to an average of 4,8 per candidate, which is outstanding!

Our top two achievers were Leah Suchet and Bronwyn Muir.
Leah achieved 9 distinctions and placed within the top 1% of candidates in 4 subjects: English; Life Sciences; Mathematics; and Physical Science. Leah’s results earned her a place on the I.E.B.’s Outstanding Achievements list. This means that she placed within the top 5% of candidates in six or more subjects.
Bronwyn achieved 8 distinctions and placed in the top 1% of candidates in Physical Science. She was included on the I.E.B.’s Commendable Achievements list. To earn her place on this list, Bronwyn achieved within the top 5% of candidates in five subjects.

A total of eight girls placed within the top 1% of candidates who wrote the IEB examinations, in various subjects. A record number of 17 girls achieved five or more distinctions (Level 7 passes), and a further eight girls achieved four distinctions each.

In total, 17 girls achieved A aggregates (over 80% average in all subjects), and 25 achieved B aggregates (70–79%), resulting in 60.8% of St John’s D.S.G. Matriculants achieving either A or B aggregates. The average aggregate was 73.54%.

St John’s D.S.G. Principal, Mr Simon Moore, says, “I am delighted with the I.E.B. Examination results of our Class of 2017 Matriculants. Not only was this our largest Matric group in the 120-year history of our school, but also almost certainly our best results. A quarter of our girls achieved A aggregates, and we had a record number of Level 7 (A) symbols per pupil, as well as a record average per pupil. My congratulations go to Leah Suchet on her 9 ‘A’ symbols, mostly above 90%; as well as to all our 2017 Matric girls and teachers for their hard work and dedication. We are so proud of all their achievements!”

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