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The “Yellow Sticks” – Regional Hockey Champions

Our St John’s D.S.G. 1st Team Hockey girls – also known as “the Yellow Sticks” – made headlines this week in our local newspapers after they were crowned regional champions at the Spar KZN School Girls’ Hockey Challenge at Epworth School last weekend.

“The girls’ attitude was what won us the tournament. They were phenomenal,” says Mrs Lyndal Robertson, our Head of Sport. “The group of girls we have, have done well in other sports this term and this filtered onto the turf. I see great potential for our small school with big heart. We are still trying to instil the mantra of ‘love what you do, love the game’ and this was evident on the pitch. All the players contributed, and the pace going forward resulted in some exciting goals. I believe luck was also on our side, as our games were tight and could have gone either way. For us against Girls’ High School and Epworth School, we happened to connect earlier as a team. Those big hearts managed to put the ball in the back of the box, and that made the world of difference.”

This will be the first year that St John’s D.S.G. attends the Grand Finals (which take place in July). We are very excited about this! A huge goes “well done” to the “Yellow Sticks” and their coach, Mrs Robertson, for doing St John’s D.S.G. proud; not just with your results, but more importantly, your big hearts.

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