Welcome to St John’s Diocesan School for Girls 💛

ST JOHN'S D.S.G. is an independent, medium-sized Anglican school situated in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. From Grade RR to Grade 12, it offers a liberal education on the foundation of a strong Christian ethos. It provides a caring and value-based educational environment for boarders and day scholars.

Our School

The value system of love and discipline, established through over 124 proud years of education, and based on Christian principles, forms the cornerstone of the school.
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Junior School

The Junior School offers one class per grade and benefits from excellent facilities and first class teaching. Classes range from Grade RR to Grade 7.
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Senior School

The ST JOHN'S D.S.G. Senior School prides itself in offering a broad, modern and engaging curriculum with subjects on offer to suit every personality.
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As ST JOHN'S D.S.G. is a small school, with only one class per grade in our Junior School and three per grade in our Senior School, we encourage you to apply early.
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ST JOHN'S D.S.G. is fondly and aptly described by its pupils as a “Small School with Big Heart”. It exudes a feeling of warmth and intimacy, with a strong sense of community. This fun-filled video encapsulates exactly what makes St John's D.S.G. special: our girls and staff, and the strong bonds we share ?
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Why Choose St John's D.S.G. 💛

Find out what sets us apart from other schools.

🖤 Small School

Being smaller than our competitor schools, we are a close-knit community, giving our girls a real sense of comfort and belonging.

🖤 Down to Earth

We have real depth and substance to our characters. We understand what makes us special, but we use these qualities to serve others, rather than elevate ourselves.

🖤 Caring, Nurturing Environment

We cherish our girls and genuinely care about their wellbeing and futures. We aim to create a safe space for growth, by offering support, encouragement and acceptance.

🖤 Empowering Education

We enrich our girls with a balanced, quality education that provides a solid foundation for their futures and equips them to become leaders in their chosen fields.

🖤 Big Heart

We are gentle-natured but also bold, brave and resilient. We have both grace and grit. We exude kindness, compassion and empathy, as well as strength, courage and confidence.

🖤 We Cherish Individuality

Each girl is special in her own, unique way. We celebrate all talents, passions and achievements that our girls pursue at, and outside of, ST JOHN'S D.S.G.